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          Hmmmmm, how did all this begin? We like to believe that fate had something to do with it. For some reason, we all ended up on this island and our paths became intertwined. Sometimes, there are other people in the world that you have an instant connection with. Maybe your kids are the best of friends. Maybe you enjoy the same outdoor activities, like camping at the edge of the ocean or chilling under an umbrella in the shallows of Passage Key. Maybe you enjoy impromptu dance sessions in the kitchen. Maybe you enjoy watching your kids and all their friends play outside in the fresh air like children should. Maybe you enjoy starting traditions for parades on St. Patty's Day or parties on New Year's Eve. Or, maybe, you just bond over a little "Hip Hop Barbecue". We like to think that everything happens for a reason. This friendship and this rum are proof of just that.

          It all started the day after a particular quadruple birthday celebration. Of course, the best cure for a late night out was Prosecco and pool floats. Isn't this when all brilliant ideas are born? Anyway, Adam and Oskar were playing cornhole while Jessica and Lisa were lounging in the pool. As they daydreamed away, Jessica told Lisa that she really wanted to make rum cakes. Lisa, of course, thought this was a brilliant idea! So they told their husbands, bought a website and started a company. Then, Lisa said that she thought that if they were going to make their own cake, then they should make their own rum. So, they told their husbands, bought a website and started a company...again. Then, because they are such indecisive Aries, they bought a few more websites...just in case. You never know what tomorrow holds, right? At this point, and for all of us, our long and laugh filled journey began. We became fully engrossed in all the hard work, determination and inspiration it takes to make something new. This rum was our whole spirit. The four of us have put every ounce of our island souls into this rum. And we hope that you LOVE it as much as we do. So head on out, grab a seat and order AMI RUM. You never know, we could be sitting right next to you. So, join us and "be local".


Lisa, Oskar, Jessica, Adam

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We are so excited to bring to you our very first spirit! AMI RUM is a golden blonde cane rum with light spice, citrus notes and a caramel finish. We use only the best ingredients and are proudly distilled and bottled right here in Florida. We deliver small batch quality, every time. Please kick back, unwind and sip away. You are on island time now. Be Local

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If on the island, be sure to ask your favorite bar, restaurant or store for us! AMI RUM is a great addition to a relaxing, sunny day.

Please, contact us if you are interested in carrying AMI RUM in your own establishment.  We are always available through email or by phone. Let us set up a tasting for you!

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